Whether your instrument has been the victim of an accident, or it just needs a tune-up (as all instruments do from time to time), it is important to choose a trustworthy instrument repair technician to service the instrument. Musical instruments are very complicated, and many inexperienced technicians can do more harm than good, or only offer a quick fix that will come undone later.


If you rent an instrument from a local music store, you will send it back to that store (both Motter's and Gordon's will pick it up from Crestview and bring it back when it is done). Otherwise, you have a choice of where to send it to be repaired.


We recommend Gordon's Repair Shop for quality repairs. To have an instrument repaired by Gordon, simply fill out THIS FORM and then bring the form and the instrument to one of the directors. Mr. Amerson or Mr. Bable can help you fill out the "Repairs Needed" section. Gordon will pick up the instrument from Crestview, repair it, and then send it back to the school with a bill. If the repairs will be more than $65, he will call with an estimate and only do work with your permission.


***It is important to bring your instrument to a director before trying to have it repaired. There are some times when an instrument has a simple problem that is preventing it from playing properly. In many cases, Mr. Amerson or Mr. Bable will be able to solve the problem without having to send it to a repair technician.

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