It is very important for students who play a single or double reed instrument to play on good quality reeds; the reed is the most important piece of equipment on the entire instrument. Many times students will simply buy the cheapest reed available, without considering quality or even making sure it is the proper strength. 


The Music Department is now using an activity fund to purchase good quality reeds in bulk for the lowest prices possible, and selling them to students at cost. This will save you money, as well as ensure that students are playing on high quality reeds. Since we buy them in bulk, they are less expensive than even entry-level reeds purchased at a music store. We currently do not have double reeds for sale, but that may change in the near future.


Types of reeds available:

  • Juno - made by Vandoren, these are great for beginners. They are a higher quality than Rico reeds, which are typically what stores will sell young students.

  • Vandoren - these are high quality reeds that are well suited for Junior High Band students and older. They are the industry standard among professionals, and are available at a very low cost.

  • Vandoren V12 - these reeds are only available at Crestview for clarinet. Any serious high school player who wants to play the best reed available should try these out and see if they are a good fit.

  • Vandoren V16 -  these are currently available for tenor saxophone (soon possibly for alto too), and are reeds designed for jazz and rock music. Jazz ensemble members may find that these reeds give them more of an edge to their sound.

Reeds can be purchased on Charms or with cash or check from Mr. Amerson at school.


Synthetic Reeds


Another type of reed that is recommended is Légère Signature Synthetic. These reeds cost about $25  for clarinet or saxophone, but will last for a long time. Additionally, they don't have to be soaked, do not warp, and are extremely consistent. They are ideal for marching band, and are the only synthetic reed I would be comfortable playing in a concert band setting. Other synthetic reeds can be found for less, but are generally not recommended, as they have a buzzy tone quality.


Légère Signature Synthetic reeds can be purchased from Motter's Music in Boardman, or from online retailers such as and Be sure to pick a size that is comparable to reeds you currently play using this reed strength comparison chart. If you get a reed that is a little too stiff or too soft, Légère has a policy which allows you to mail it back with a few dollars for a one-time exchange in strength. If you're buying one, make sure to get the SIGNATURE version, not just their standard synthetic reed, as the Signature reed is far superior.

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