When selecting an instrument, it is important to purchase or rent one that is high quality. It is a common misconception that any instrument will work for a beginner, and that a good quality instrument is only required once a student decides they will stick with it. Many instruments can be found on Ebay or other websites which seem like a great deal, but they are made poorly and are not suitable for any student for the following reasons:

  • They are of poor quality and often require hundreds of dollars of repairs each year just to remain playable

  • Some instruments are so poorly made that repairmen will not even work on them

  • The low quality makes them difficult for students to play, and they will get very frustrated and quit

  • The instrument plays very out of tune and has a poor tone quality that cannot blend with the rest of the band


We refer to these instruments as "ISOs", or "Instrument-Shaped Objects." The most importnat thing to do when selecting an instrument is to TALK TO ONE OF THE BAND DIRECTORS. We will be able to steer you in the right direction as far as purchasing a quality instrument.


Typical signs of a bad quality instrument:

  • Anything that advertises "Band Director Recommended" or "Music Teacher Approved" - they're almost always terrible

  • Anything that comes in many different colors

  • Anything that does not list a brand name

  • Anything that is only a couple hundred dollars brand new

  • Any listing that doesn't show many pictures


If you are purchasing an instrument online, we would love to have a look and see if it seems to be a quality instrument - send the link to Mr. Bable or Mr. Amerson and we will look at it.




A great way to obtain an instrument is through renting. Music stores in the area offer programs where you can rent to own. The advantages are as follows:

  • Students are provided with a high-quality instrument that is in good playing condition (most are brand new)

  • The music store will take care of all necessary repairs to the instrument

  • Within a few years, the instrument belongs to you!

  • If a student wants to switch to a different instrument, that can be done at no additional charge


Motter's Music

  • Highly recommended

  • Store on 224 in Canfield

  • Has a representative visit Crestview weekly - can take care of paperwork over the phone or online and have them drop the instrument off

  • Great lease program that

  • Will provide one free starter lesson - has many private teachers in the store

  • Summer program - sign up for summer private lessons, get your rental free over the summer - great way to get a head-start!

Gordon's Repair Shop

  • Highly recommended

  • Great repair shop

  • On Market Street in Boardman

  • Makes weekly visits to Crestview to pick up/drop off instruments for repairs

  • Will provide woodwind players with mouthpieces and accessories selected by Mr. Amerson

  • Can give you your instrument the same day you stop at his shop to fill out paperwork

  • Can upgrade to a step-up model and apply your credit towards that instrument

Other stores:

  • Do NOT have good repairs

  • Do NOT send representatives to Crestview for repairs

  • Have given students instruments in poor condition in the past

  • May use an online rental service and do not actually know anything about repairing instruments or checking to see that they are in good condition


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