Middle School Band

Band meets at a time when students will be pulled from their specials on a rotating basis - they will not miss a disproportionate amount of any one special, and they will not miss any time used for make-up work, intervention, or study hall. The only after-school commitments are a winter concert, a spring concert, and the optional (but highly encouraged) adjudication and field trip. Students will have both time to rehearse with the full band and time with others who play their instrument only, which is crucial to developing as a beginning band musician.


5th grade is the first year that students in Crestview are able to join the band. Students go from knowing nothing about their instrument to being able to play fairly complicated pieces of music as a whole band by the end of the year, which culminates in a spring concert at Crestview and an adjudication or clinic, often at Carnegie Mellon University.

Students in 6th grade and beyond are invited to audition for one of Crestview's jazz ensembles.

Middle School Music Handbook

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